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Is one of the most important companies in Mexico’s pharmaceutical sector, reaching this position through consistently creating products of proven and renowned quality in its two main divisions:

Human ethics and OTC

CHINOIN’s exports to Central America, parts of South America and the Caribbean have contributed to the consolidation of its prestige within the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the professionalism of our staff and the quality and effectiveness of our products, our position in the market – both in sales and prescriptions – is outstanding.

Our products ALIN, SEVERIN, ANTIFLU DES, TOPRON, TROFERIT and SEPTACIN AMOXI are among those most frequently prescribed in Mexico.
ALIN, ANTIFLU DES, SEVERIN, NEURALIN, TROFERIT and ANARA -- six of our principal products -- are among the highest-selling in Mexico.

These results are the culmination of hard work, effort and commitment to the development of the health-care field.

In CHINOIN we are convinced that:

A great product is never improvised…
…it’s the result of many years of experience

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